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Rong Mingzhe

  L M S

Executive Deputy Secretary of the CPC Xi'an Jiaotong University Committee

Rong Mingzhe, male, of the Han ethnic group, was born in September 1963. He holds a doctoral degree and is a professor.

He is in charge of Party-building affairs, organization, publicity, human resources, ideological and cultural affairs, policy research, trade unions and retirees' work.

He has successively served as executive vice-dean of the XJTU School of Electrical Engineering, vice-director of the XJTU State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment, executive vice-president and assistant to president of the XJTU Institute of Scientific Technological and Research. He was appointed as vice-president and a member of the XJTU Standing Committee of the CPC in September 2014. He assumed the post of executive deputy secretary of the CPC Xi'an Jiaotong University Committee in December 2021.