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Lu Jianjun

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Lu Jianjun

Party Secretary of CPC XJTU Committee

Chairman of CPC XJTU Committee

Lu Jianjun was born in 1962 in Juxian County, Shandong Province. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Radio Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Posts and Telecommunications. He began work in August 1984 and earned a Master of Business Administration. He is now a professor.

He has served successively as the deputy director and director of the Department of Communication Engineering, Xi'an Institute of Mining Technology; assistant to the president, director of the Department of Communication Engineering, and vice president of Xi'an Institute of Science and Technology; vice president of Xi'an University of Science and Technology; president and chair of CPC Committee of the Xi'an Institute of Post and Telecommunications; president and chair CPC Committee of Xi'an University of Post and Telecommunications; chair of ShaanxiProvincial Science &Technology Commission; head of Science and Technology Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government; director and chair of CPCCommittee of Development and Reform Commission of the Shaanxi Provincial Government. In July 2019, he worked as the secretary-general and member of the CPC Standing Committee of Shaanxi Province, while simultaneously serving as the working committee chair of the office directly under the leadership of CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee.

He is one of the representatives at the 19th National Congress of the CPC, a member of the 13th CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee, and oneof the representatives of the 13th CPC Congress of ShaanxiProvince.