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Xi'an Jiaotong University Education Foundation (XJTUEF), founded in April 2006, is a non-profit social organization with the approval of Department of Education in Shaanxi Province and registered in Department of Civil Affairs in Shaanxi Province.

The foundation constantly mobilizes each section of society and attracts donations to support cultivation of talents and innovation in science & technology in order to build Xi’an Jiaotong University into one of the world-class universities, from organizations and individuals, from home and abroad, who concern the development of higher education in western China.

Business Scope:

  • Accept social donations and raise funds for education and student subsidies;

  • Raise, manage and operate funds according to relevant law and regulations to ensure preservation and appreciation of funds value;

  • Provide talent training and technology advice for national economic and social development;

  • Implement customized activities to award or subsidize students or teachers, etc. in accordance with foundation objectives and donors’ will.

Usage of Funds:

  • Improve teaching facilities, including buildings, instruments and equipment, books, etc.;

  • Award outstanding teachers and students and subsidizing students in need;

  • Subsidize fundamental research, teaching research and publication of outstanding textbooks and works;

  • Subsidize teachers’ thesis publication on world-class academic journals;

  • Subsidize other activities in favor of university development according to donors’ will.

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