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XJTU welcomes 2018 international students

October 23, 2018
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In early September, XJTU successively received its 2018 international students. This year, XJTU recruited 914 international students from 104 countries and regions, including the United States, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Korea, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan. It is reported that the opening ceremony for international students will be held by the School of International Education in October. On the occasion, the history of XJTU and Chinese culture and customs will be introduced in detail to the new students to help them adapt to their new college life at XJTU. In the meantime, officers from the Department of Entry and Exit Administration of Xi'an Public Security Bureau will be invited to explain relevant laws and regulations to improve awareness of obeying laws and disciplines, ensuring international students in China a safe, enjoyable and fulfilling study experience.

In recent years, XJTU hass trengthened communication and cooperation with world first-class universities based on the platform of the UASR, ensuring the stable development of international student education and promoting the construction of a diversified campus culture as well as the internationalization of the university.