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XJTU welcomes new students for 2018

September 19, 2018
  L M S

For the year 2018, XJTU recruited over 4700 undergraduate freshmen and over 6500 new postgraduate students, among whom 1399 are doctoral candidates.



On the morning of September 1, 2018, the 2018 Opening Ceremony for Undergraduates was held at Siyuan Student Activity Center.

In his welcoming speech, President Wang Shuguo expressed his warmest welcome to the freshmen. He stated that university marks the true beginning of one’s life, where one had better lay down all success and failure in the past and make a fresh start. He proposed three expectations to all freshmen, namely, “plan for future at a global perspective, take initiatives in doing things, and develop the ability of cooperation”. “Hopefully,” he said, “you will become someone insightful, caring about the world, and with belief and lofty ideal to strive after. The 21stcentury is all yours.”


On the morning of September 8, 2018, XJTU held its Opening Ceremony for Postgraduates at Siyuan Student Activity Center, with a parallel session at Xianzitang Hall.


“It’s my great pleasure to see you all join in the family of XJTU.” In the welcoming speech of President Wang Shuguo, he extended the warmest welcome to all postgraduate students on behalf of XJTU. He pointed out that under the background of internationalization, exchanges on academic research and talent training between nations become more and more active. Based on the fast change of the world, president Wang expressed his two expectations for postgraduate students:

1.  Keep sensitive to the develop trend of the era. One should fully prepare for, engage in and even take the lead of this era.

2.  Strive for your dream with persistence, for striving itself is a virtue, and one can never be the top of certain field without persistentstriving no matter how smart he or she is. One should keep striving even be defeated, which is the spirit that a true XJTUer should have.

He said that the future of a nation depends on its young people. Therefore, young people should be brave and embrace the responsibility with passion, caring about individual achievements, and valuing more the “greater self”, because the individual values can only be realized based on one’s striving for the construction of a greater nation.