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XJTU welcomes new students for 2017

October 18, 2017
  L M S

For the year 2017, XJTU recruited over 4300 undergraduate freshmen and over 5800 new postgraduate students, among whom 725 are doctoral candidates.


On the morning of September 2, XJTU held its Year of 2017 Opening Ceremony for Undergraduates at Siyuan Student Activity Center. In his welcoming speech, President Wang Shuguo expressed his earnest hopes to the freshmen. He stated that as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, Shaanxi has nurtured countless talents from the past until the present day. By taking XJTU and Shaanxi as their starting point, every young talent shall persistently absorb knowledge and overcome difficulties in their course of studies to entera broader world. Next, he said, learning and studying “for the enlightenment of the world” is the common pursuit of all XJTU staff and students. He went on to say, “Students shall make their own plans for life with an eye to the world and, in the process of globalization, try to make contributions to the society, to the nation, and to the future. In Addition, a down-to-earth study will lay the most solid foundation for one’s academic life, while a reasonable outlook and value of life will be of significance during one’s entire life. He hoped that all students will learn the valuable first life lesson of clarifying their life goals, and will make a reasonable plan for the future at XJTU. In this way, they can keep passionate about their career.” Finally, President Wang wished all students a bright future in pursuing their dreams, and will make contributions toward a better university, a better country and a better world in the future.


On the morning of September 9, 2017, the Opening Ceremony for Postgraduates 2017 was held at the Siyuan Students Activity Center. President Wang made a speech to all new postgraduates. In his speech, President Wang proposed four points that he hopes all postgraduates will follow:

1. Have a clear understanding of the era. As a postgraduate, one shall keep sensitive to the development trends of the society, and integrate his/her own academic research into the “time pulse”, being a “wave rider”.

2. Frequently exercise self-reflection. Postgraduate students should excel at discovering and learning other’s advantages. Great improvement appears only after courageous admission of one’s own defects and weakness and making up for those weaknesses after persistent work .

3. Bravely face difficulties. Independent study and independent thinking will be the routine during postgraduate studies, thus a stable emotional mental state is significantly helpful to postgraduate students who enter the “combat state” at anytime. Postgraduates must make every attempt to do the work that others have never done before. They should be eager, bold, and always be willing to explore something new.

4. Keep focused on courage and hard work. Postgraduates shall continually polish their entire body of qualities, be faithful to hardwork, and persist in scientific research, so as to approach the top of the field in their discipline.