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Vice President of Polytechnic University of Milan Noci visits XJTU, boosting cooperation

December 09, 2014
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On December 8, Giuliano Noci, Vice President of Polytechnic University of Milan in charge of Chinese affairs, visited Xi'an Jiaotong University to consult on issues for further pushing forward substantial cooperation between the two universities. President of XJTU Wang Shuguo met with him and held talks.

Vice President Noci introduced the cooperation background of and the goal for co-founding of the Allied Academy of Design between Polytechnic University of Milan and Xi'an Jiaotong University. He stated that the Academy's educational philosophy is to provide professional training for students of relevant backgrounds and on-the-job personnel, and to provide transformation service of scientific and technological achievements for universities and enterprises. He also mentioned that rounds of discussions have been conducted and a consensus reached. Noci expressed his hopes that the two universities would implement objective analysis of Jiaoda's current situation and China's market demand, and that the two parties would hold further discussions on the establishment of feasible operation management plan and time schedule of Allied Academy of Design.

President Wang welcomed the delegation of Polytechnic University of Milan. He agreed to the proposal raised by Vice President Noci on promoting market analysis and team building of the Design Academy. He pointed out that the conception of Jiaoda's establishing western port of innovation completely corresponded with the idea of the Allied Academy of Design, both of which were conducive to optimizing scientific and technological achievements transformation. Based on this point, he said that the two universities have a solid foundation for future cooperation. President Wang expressed his hopes that Allied Academy of Design would not only serve local enterprises in Shaanxi in terms of cultivating and training the design talents, especially in industrial field, but also serve enterprises and relevant practitioners in design fields in the west and even the whole country. He also expressed his hope that the designing element of "Silk Road" could be reflected in the conception of building the innovation harbor of science and technology.

Vice President Zhang Hanrong briefly introduced the basic condition of the innovative harbor of science and technology of XJTU and invited Vice President Noci to recommend excellent design companies to participate in project bidding for its planning. Professors from the departments concerned shared with guests the development of design-related disciplines and the general situation of personnel training of XJTU.

The Polytechnic University of Milan is the largest technical university of its kind in Italy. It ranked as the 28thbest technical university in the world according to the 2013 QS World University Rankings and has cooperated closely with many enterprises. In Italy, about 25% of architectural engineers and 50% designers graduated from this university. Cooperation projects between XJTU and Polytechnic University of Milan include master’s double-degree programs and joint training PhD programs in electrical engineering. A "Summer School" has been held for students from both universities for three consecutive years, during which professors from Polytechnic University of Milan are invited to teach courses related to industrial design.