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The Presidential Assistant of Nagoya University visits XJTU School of Law

October 20, 2010
  L M S

At the invitation of the XJTU School of Law, Professor Homma of the School of Law of Nagoya University recently visited the XJTU School of Law and the Silk Road Institute of International Law and Comparative Law. Dean SHAN Wenhua discussed with the professor the exchange and cooperation between the two schools. Associate Professor JIN Chunyang, and the secretary of foreign affairs HUA Yuting, attended the meeting.

Professor Homma received his Ph.D. from Hokkaido University. He is now presidential assistant, professor of Law and the executive chairman of the Bid Invitation and Supervision Committee of Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism. In addition, he has lectured widely in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece and other countries.